Monday, January 31, 2011

Carrying my Love with Me


This family first asked me to take maternity photos before he left off to war.  It was one of the most touching and rewarding things I have ever done.  I am a lucky mom of 3 with a wonderful father that is here every night to help give them baths and tuck them into bed.  I can't imagine having my husband, the father of my children, off in such a scary situation.  Military families have my heart.  They all sacrifice so much for me and my family.  My family is safe at home tonight because of them.  I am forever grateful for all of you!  Jesse was able to come home for the birth of his little girl.  She was the cutest little thing.  They called and wanted photos done before he left.  I was ecstatic!  I was so happy to see him home with his family.  The baby had been a little fussy and it started off as a joke about her being small enough to fit in his pocket.  Soon, it became reality.  The funny thing was, she quit fussing when we put her in!  It was so sweet.  This family has forever touched my heart.  Jesse was here for 2 short weeks and will get to come back home in 9 months.  He will be carrying her love for him in his heart and his pocket.  Every time he puts on his pants, I am sure he will picture her being there.  Can't wait to see you Jesse when you get back.  I will pray for you and your family daily!  If you would like to see more of this session, or the maternity photos, you can visit my facebook page or my website.  Thank you iheartfaces for a chance to share this with everyone!  Make sure and vote for photo #507 :)

I also have this photo in a contest with Owen's Originals.  Will you please click the "like" link under the photo?  I have a chance to win new lighting :)  Thank you for your help.  Just click this link to go to the photo.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tamara Lackey and Creative Live's Photo Contest for Westscott Lighting

WOW! Someone has an opportunity to win a set of new lighting from Creative Live and Tamara Lackey.  I have entered the contest with my photo and I would love for you to click over and vote for me.  You can vote every 24 hours.
I first met Tamara at WPPI 2010.  I had a found row seat and even got to go up on stage with her and demonstrate on how to ignore you clients.  Even though she ignored me, it was so worth it because I won some Kubota bucks :)  Tamara has a way with children.  I learned so much from her class.  I came back and totally changed my whole photography business.  I listened to what my customers wanted better.  I also treated my child that was to be photographed differently.  I didn't rush into the shoot.  I talked to them, gained their trust, and let them express their feelings.  Children don't always have to have the "cheese" face.  I love talking to them and asking if they like to pick their nose, or if their sibling eats their boogers.  Kids crack up and get all into it.  Parents kinda freak out, but they are getting used to me.  I just love the variety of expressions little comments will bring out of a child.  The word boogers might make them laugh, wrinkly their nose, or give me that you have GOT to be kidding face.  I like to play with them, take their mind off of taking photographs.  I have to be comfortable, to make them comfortable.  That is the only way to achieve a natural photograph.  I love to roll them in the grass or tickle them until their belly shakes with laughter.  I love even more when the parents get involved.   Some of the sweetest, most unprovoked expressions can be discovered through the art of play.  I always love for parents to take advantage and jump in with their kids for a quick shot.  That shot will mean the world to them as they get older.
I was so fortunate enough to meet Tamara and learn about these things from her.  I follow her on facebook and twitter.  I have also signed up with Creative Live, who btw has some great workshops on digital cameras if you would like to improve your knowledge of your camera.  I also YouTube and watch to learn different techniques on how do improve my photography that each of them post.  They are a great team.  I will be heading back to WPPI this year and hope to squeeze into another front row seat.  I am really looking forward to it.
 SO, now, go check out my photo HERE.  Just click those words and it will take you there.  I could SO use this lighting!  Mine was bought from and old pro who retired back in 2000, and there is no telling how old it is. I am sure the lights are ready to retire too!  Thank you and God Bless!

Also, check out and like Tamara Lackey Photography and Creative Live's facebook pages.  You will be glad you became a follower become a follower! Oh! Don't forget to follow me here on the blog and on my Davis Photography facebook page. :)  I had to include a few more photos from this session for you to see.  Yep, even mom jumped in for one.  The best thing about photographing children, is watching them grow.  I have taken their photos for many Christmas's now.  Thank you for being a faithful customer.  Thanks for checking it out, God Bless.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That used to be a scary word for me.  I attended my first WPPI 2010.  COMPLETELY AMAZING experience.  I was a little confused on things, I will admit.  I kept hearing this word, and thought, why do people keep using it??  What does it mean??  Then I figured out, IT WAS THEIR LOGO!  (well, kinda right, but I was still wrong)  So, the year was coming to a close and I had in my head what I wanted to change about 2011.  I wanted a logo that was me.  And that is when that word popped into my head again.  Branding.  And the light came on.  I am going to put this into a way that most people can relate, and how I had to relate (notice, it has been a year almost and the light finally clicked).  I can go to Walmart, and buy a pair of jeans for $10.  They aren't bad jeans, probably won't last me a long time.  They don't quite fit just perfect, but they will work!  OR I can save my money for a few weeks, splurge and buy a pair of Silvers.  What attracts me to the Silver BRAND Jeans?  Have you ever worn them?  They are the best feeling jean I have ever worn.  AND LOOK!  They even have the word BRAND in their name.  What is it about products that draw people to their name?  Quality, Authentic, What they stand for.  That is what I came to realize about my photography.  I want a brand.  A label when people seen it, they know what it stands for.  I want an label that people can't live without.  I had to realize, I am not just selling an 8x10 print.  I am selling how well I work with others, how well I do my job, my talent, my equipment, my knowledge, my experience, my time, my time away from my family, my time editing, returning phone calls, answering emails, my education.  Most importantly, I am selling ME, and what I stand for.  I am selling Pamela Davis Brand.  I don't want to be looked at as the "cheaper choice."  I want to be looked at for Me, and all of that stuff I mentioned above.  I want my bride to know that she will be getting the up most attention on her wedding day.  I don't want her to stress over hoping her photos come out ok, because to me they better be more than just ok.  I want her to know, she can trust me.  She can trust my knowledge, my camera skills, my talent, delivery of photos within 3 weeks…  I can go on and on what I want her to know.  I want my mom of her newborn child to know, if the baby is fussy, we can break, feed her, cuddle her, relax, and enjoy it.  I want people to know, when you get me, you get a package.   I go above and beyond with my clients.  I want a good foundation for my business to grow from.  This is more than just a hobby for me, or a business.  It is a passion.  A passion for people, a passion for exceptional images, a passion for quality, and a passion for customer satisfaction.  So, from now on, when you see this logo, you can count on this logo.  Because I will not let this logo loose its brand.


Now, fellow photographers, I hope and pray you have learned something from this post. Something it has taken me awhile to learn myself. Don't cheat yourself. Don't sell yourself short. If you want something, go after it. I am very willing to talk to anyone interested in this topic. Look at the photos above, are you pricing yourself for what you are selling? Don't be the "cheaper choice." Be the "People's Choice."  I can totally relate to pricing effectively.  I am willing to work with any  client on any budget.  Don't work for nothing.  You are worth something.  Thank you for reading, and God Bless.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Innocent Wonder

Time for the weekly iheartfaces photo challenge.  This is my daughter on the swing that I begged my husband for.  I love this swing.  Early one morning, my little girl just had to swing.  I loved the view of the sun rising that morning and had to grab the camera to capture the moment.  God gives us a day of renewal with every sunrise.  We have to decide if we want to renew, or continue the same.  I hope God blesses each one of you that reads my blog today.  Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open Wedding Dates

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cold hands, warm hearts

This photo is from a wedding I shot this weekend. This couple is absolutely one of the greatest couples you could ever meet, and they are every photographers dream. Despite getting married in the middle of January, they were very much open to going outside for photos. The bride didn't have a big fluffy dress for warmth, so it was pretty chilly! But the photographs from the wedding, made it absolutely worth it. I seen a contest on iheartfaces and thought it would be perfect! The theme for the week is winter wonderland. We haven't had snow in our part of the country, but it has been cold. The reason for this photo... the old saying. Cold Hands, Warm Heart. Thanks for being such a wonderful couple Kyle and Katie! May God bless your marriage!

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